About Us

Capital Sport is a professional sports equipment and sportswear retailer, conveniently located in the RA Centre of Ottawa. We specialise in servicing professional athletes and enthusiasts of badminton, squash and pickleball. Our store offers a wide range of products including sports rackets, shoes, clothing, bags and accessories, and walk-in services for badminton and squash stringing. We are an authorised dealer of three leading brands: Yonex, Li-Ning and Victor.

Our mission is to empower all our racket sports customers to be on top of their game by providing impeccable products and services they need.

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Why Choose Capital Sport?

Trustworthy brands

We are the authorised dealer of Yonex, Victor and the authorised exclusive dealer of Li-Ning in Ottawa capital region, our product is the synonym of quality and style.

Comprehensive products

Our diverse product range, professional quality and competitive price cater for the needs of customers of all levels.

Expert services

All our staff are the badminton players who thoroughly understand the products and services that customers need. We are specialist advisers, passionate believers and perfection deliverers.

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